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We are aware than human beings are the sourc of success

Hasanoğlu's company believe that corporate success comes from knowledge and motivated employees. Besides, the most important factor of interior success is believing in employees and their performance. Our company's policy is based on human resources, whom we consider as the back bone of our success and it is an important factor in building high quality projects.

Our stuff is a multi-national family driven by our added value. Each one of us is aware of his duties and tasks in realizing the company needs. And we do respect employees' rights.

Hasanoğlu Contructions,

Hasanoğlu Constructions have proved that it is a modern, leading and trustworthy corporate. Besides its highly qualified employees and technologically developed equipments, Hasanoğlu's company provides job opportunities of many newly-graduated youth.

We believe that the pillar of success is human resources and it's a policy that we have always followed. We worked on providing our employees with the best working conditions. In fact, our employees are like a big family that works in a friendly environment. You can join our big family by filling in the human resources form.

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