The Founder Mustafa Hasanoğlu,

He was born in 18 August 1961 in Balabn - Trabzon .He was the elder in Hasanoğlu's family, he has five siblings. He spent the first years of his life in the city.
He got his primary education in his home town. After that, he travelled with his family to Istanbul where he finished his secondary education. In his free time, he used to work in different fields in order to gain experience. After graduating from high schol he studied Civil Engeneering. At that time, he founded a language school with his friend.He graduated in 1986 and he got back to working in constructions, the thing that he always wanted to do.
Mustafa Hasanoğlu started by founding his first company in 1993 Thanks to what he acquired in college and thanks to his enthusiasm, he managed to create small projects that made him proud. In a short period, he succeeded at founding different companies in a number of fields. These companies enabled him to reach success through developing working strategies and projects.
He aimed at constructing the best projects with high quality.
Hasanoğlu was a hard working and an open minded person. That was an important factor in his rapid success. He always treated his employees in a good way and made sure to motivate them and ensure their rights.with this driving force, the company is still successful in busines for over 20 years and continues to grow every day.

His success was devoted for his family and he have always supported social projects. He have devoted a great amount of his money for education and knowledge especially for youth. He made sure to provide them with decent education. He supported projects such as schools, hospitals, mosques etc.. He became a role model for many people.
Hasanoğlu was a role to many people, whether professionally or socially. His success always reminds people that life is short and what matter the most are good deeds and helping others.
Mustafa Hasanoğlu passed away in Nov. 4, 2002, but his memory will always be forged in people's minds.
Hasanoğlu Constructions believe that the strength lies within determination to reach success and always working to maintain it. We are proud to keep relying on this road.